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About Arabel Manners

Luxury ladies footwear brand for ladies with a shoe size of 37 plus.

This is the movement of luxury and design.

The Arabel Manners brand is authentic with design, functionality, comfort and style. The creation was built with an ethos of providing a collection which ultimately leaves customers with the sense of individuality, prestige, and a desired footwear. Combining sophistication of hand craftsmanship colouring of each shoe to perfection, and quality materials.

The Arabel Manners brand was born when my mother, a large shoe consumer, was frustrated that luxury footwear in her size was not accessible in the same way, as if she was a slender U.K size 5. She was always made to feel second best when walking into a luxury footwear store as her size was never catered for.

Hence the Arabel Manners brand is built with emotion and creativity at the heart of each shoe design, and specialises in sizes 37-46 across all styles.

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